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About Points

Points are DeviantArt's newest way to thank and get thanks from delightful deviants just like you!

Whether you're rewarding fellow deviants for a job well-done, racking up commissions, purchasing Prints, or even just letting someone know how awesome they are, Points will revolutionize your DeviantArt experience like never before. And remember, the more Points you have, the more you can share!

:hug: Share Points with Friends

Not only are Points the perfect way to show your friends you care, but using them couldn't be easier. You can transfer Points to someone for an inspirational deviation, trade Points for a commission, wish them a happy birthday, or simply give props for an amusing comment.

:deviation: Get Stuff with Points

Stock up on Points and redeem them for anything in the DeviantArt Marketplace, from Core Memberships, to Digital Resources, to Commissions, or the most breathtaking Prints of your favorite deviations. Coming soon, DeviantArt will release all kinds of things, big and small, only available by using Points!

:love: Ask for Points

'Tis better to give than receive? Yeah right! If you need Points, go ahead and ask! Friends and strangers can easily give you Points from the Points page, or even from your own profile page in the "Give" drop-down menu.

:la: Quick & Easy

It's super-easy to get tons of Points. You get 80 Points for every U.S. dollar, so you can load up quickly and start sharing a lot or a little immediately without having to whip out your wallet for individual transactions. Just use the Points page to get started.

Points Terms and Conditions

Points Rules to Remember

Points are very versatile, and we will be constantly coming up with new ways to make them even more useful as we expand the Points program. As we do this, though, there are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Points can only be used on DeviantArt, and you can only get or give Points by being a member of DeviantArt.
  2. Any transfer of Points is binding, and cannot be reversed.
  3. You are unable to convert Points back into currency.
  4. You can only give away 3,500 Points in a single transfer to another deviant or Group*, and you can only give 20,000 Points to one person in a year.
  1. A complete transaction record to keep track of your balance is stored for you in the Points drop-down.
  2. DeviantArt will always keep your personal Points information private.
  3. Please take a moment to read the full, legal Terms and Conditions for Points
* Groups will be enabled to use Points very soon!